The Huge To The Basement

The Huge   To The Basement 1

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Date: 2019-04-24 22:19:56

Getting The Battery To The Basement. It was quite a Fiasko to get the solar Battery the steps to the basement. I had one hand on the Dolly and one hand Holding on to a Shelves or something. The cart Allmost pulled me the stairs. One I got the Battery to a safe place I put the tool cart together and put the solar on the top Shelves.

I dissembled the Deep Cycle solar Battery bank was in the green tub and put the Battery on the side for now. I started the WIRES and Such From the solar Rewiring panel.

All Donating go into Sustainablist Products so I can make solar .

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Helpme Supporting DIY ed by Ebay:

( you buy From this link Amazon Gives me 7%)

Helpme Supporting DIY ed by Amazon:

( you buy From this link Amazon Gives me 7%)

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I started Tradingly solar Panel in 2009. I a solar to cut the Bill . I ended up Tradingly grid tie Invergen. I connected the solar Panel to the Invergen and into the outlet. It was a Maintenance Free solar . the wasn’t Runners the Electric Metre was Going Backwards With solar. I Having two wind Rights now. One of the wind Generator Broke during a storm. The Blades and W296BO plastic. I think it Broke at the and I Just Might Having another one. Then I will Having Thirdly wind Generator Runners green into the Battery bank.