'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar

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If they’re correct, it could have the country sells to the world and far-reaching implications for the energy industry of Australia.

Connected: Clean energy discovered for a’pathway to prosperity’ for Northern Territory
This will be the channel through which energy production will greatly reduce [worldwide ] emissions

Billions could be generated by export plan and Also Make Australia the Center of energy at a near world that is zero-carbon

The desert out Tennant Creek, deep in the Northern Territory, isn’t the spot transmit and to build the future electricity supply of Singapore. Although several in the states are to take note, a set of Australian programmers are betting that will change.

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Power Grids May Need Modernization to Take SBSP!

By Matthew L. Wald
printed 26 August, 2008


Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Constraints
Does this create space-based solar power measurably harder?

This is something we clearly have to remember as we chase power.

Starbase202, our buddy, sent me. It comes in the New York Times online: (please disregard shots taken at political characters in the article–that’s no aim here)

It’s critical for architectural designers and company case programmers to think about how the power given by energy satellites by the antenna onto the floor into the power grids will be fed by us. Wind power is currently having a significant problem within this.

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