DC SUN Holding Forum on Solar Hot Water

DC residents have really embraced solar photovoltaic systems – over 500 systems have gone up through the District.  There is information out there concerning solar energy hot water – although by most reports, solar hot water might be a much greater investment than solar PV.  Will soon be coming together place residents in touch with hot water installers, also to talk about their experiences.  The meeting is June 26th at Headquarters DC, Tuesday, 528 F Street Terrace SE, Washington, DC 20003 – . I expect you will have the ability to join others of DC SUN and the Capitol Hill Energy Coop — the 2 organizations sponsoring this discussion.  Please be aware that the DC government has opened a window for obtaining thermal rebates, so if you’re considering it, now’s the opportunity to educate yourself.  More information and a map are at the link… https://sites.google.com/site/dcsolarunitedneighborhoods/project-updates/solarwaterheatingeducationforum 

On the program is a discussion by Joanna Kendig and Gene Imhoff concerning the solar hot water system they’ve had for several years.  Andy Kerr will go over the economics and revival for solar hot water.  Matt Carlson of Sunnovations will go over the technology of hot water, and then two contractors, Solar Energy Services and Clean Currents will discuss their own capacities and discounts which will be available to co-op members.  This meeting is available to the public without a pre-registration is needed. 

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Webinar: Transforming access to commercial solar financing: a new partnership – August 1

Thursday, August 1, 2019 2 pm ET / 11 am PT     The process of obtaining commercial solar financing has long been cumbersome. Finding the ideal financing partner could be a challenge for solar contractors. Additionally, financing institutions require access to trustworthy job data to correctly vet a project, yet the process of gathering…

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Power Grids May Need Modernization to Take SBSP!

By Matthew L. Wald
printed 26 August, 2008


Wind Energy Bumps Into Power Grid’s Constraints
Does this create space-based solar power measurably harder?

This is something we clearly have to remember as we chase power.

Starbase202, our buddy, sent me. It comes in the New York Times online: (please disregard shots taken at political characters in the article–that’s no aim here)

It’s critical for architectural designers and company case programmers to think about how the power given by energy satellites by the antenna onto the floor into the power grids will be fed by us. Wind power is currently having a significant problem within this.

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