Molly Scott Cato: ‘It’s the wealthy who are causing climate change’

Take aviation. “We’re getting a grip on this today. This was something where I was out of line with different folks. But in the previous year, people have ceased believing that I’m a crazy not flying everywhere. They begin by being admiring and then they start thinking’Oh God, I will have to begin doing that’. We’ve reached there, it’s really reassuring.”

The Green party MEP for Its Southwest on why social justice is key to making the transition to a economy
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Tackling climate change implies we have to Deal with the manner both wealth and power are dispersed
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Molly Scott Cato can barely contain herself. Having spent more than 30 years as an activist at the ecology and the sustainability movement, the Green MEP to the area feels the UK is beginning to appreciate the scale of this climate emergency. “People are suddenly waking up to it, which is very exciting for someone like me who has been banging on about that for years,” she states.

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BP solar firm blazes ahead in search for UK's shiniest grass

Lightsource BP hopes that the”bi-facial” solar panels will boost the quantity of renewable energy generated during its solar farms and might make them more economical in gloomier areas of Northern Ireland and Scotland.
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The solar panels subsidiary of BP is about the hunt for Britain’s shiniest bud to help make the most of fresh panels which can exploit light reflected off the floor.
Lightsource BP Expects’bi-facial’ panels Can Improve energy at its solar farms

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Discovery Channel to Show Documentary on Space-Based Solar Power!

We’ve must be careful with copyright legislation …I once got into a kerfuffel because I described a baseball game to a buddy of mine with no expressed written permission of the commissioner of major league baseball!
Ensure that you tune-in into the Discovery Channel as it succeeds. Record it, and discuss it in accordance with the laws in your viewing area*!
Here is the preview in the Futures Channel:

Space-Based Solar Power on the Futures Channel

The Discovery Channel (which my children LOVE and we LOVE them seeing it) Will demonstrate a documentary on Space-Based Solar Power in 10pm on 12 September, 2008. . It was so totally cool working with all the pros from the Futures Channel who did the filming (they need to work closely with the Discovery Channel). It was amazing seeing them do their thing.  They turned into a little conference room at the hotel to some studio, wired us up, created mood light, and all that Hollywood stuff. These guys were completely professional and WOW, it had been entirely motivational being around professional press people who want to tell a narrative so kids become excited!
I told Mike “Green Hornet” Hornitschek people ’d be famous!

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