Obama Team Asking for Public Input on Space-Based Solar Power

Your voice has to be heard now.

A couple weeks before, the Space Frontier Foundation (along with a different group that wants to remain nameless) filed a white paper on Space-Based Solar Power to the Obama transition team. Over the weekend that this white paper was posted on the “Change.Gov” site by the Obama transition group to obtain public feedback on the thought that Space Solar Power (because it’s known as in the white paper) should be a part of a balanced national portfolio of energy development and research.
Coyote (charge for authorship goes into Charles “Chazmanian Devil” Miller.)
In just a couple of days, you will find over 200 comments from the general public so much on the concept of new national initiative to invest in Space Solar Power. Quite some of the comments are critical, and urge that we continue to spend nothing from Space Solar Power.


We obviously have the attention and interest of mature Obama coverage officials.
If ever there is a opportunity to participate in a discussion about nation’s future in space, it’s now.

If you wish to generate a gap in our nation’s future, then visit http://change.gov/open_government/entry/space_solar_power_ssp_a_solution_for_energy_independence_climate_change/. This will direct you to the Change.Gov website where you are able to engage in this important debate on whether America should invest in Space Solar Power.
Fellow Advocates and Skeptics of Space-Based Solar Power

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DC SUN Holding Forum on Solar Hot Water

DC residents have really embraced solar photovoltaic systems – over 500 systems have gone up through the District.  There is information out there concerning solar energy hot water – although by most reports, solar hot water might be a much greater investment than solar PV.  Will soon be coming together place residents in touch with hot water installers, also to talk about their experiences.  The meeting is June 26th at Headquarters DC, Tuesday, 528 F Street Terrace SE, Washington, DC 20003 – . I expect you will have the ability to join others of DC SUN and the Capitol Hill Energy Coop — the 2 organizations sponsoring this discussion.  Please be aware that the DC government has opened a window for obtaining thermal rebates, so if you’re considering it, now’s the opportunity to educate yourself.  More information and a map are at the link… https://sites.google.com/site/dcsolarunitedneighborhoods/project-updates/solarwaterheatingeducationforum 

On the program is a discussion by Joanna Kendig and Gene Imhoff concerning the solar hot water system they’ve had for several years.  Andy Kerr will go over the economics and revival for solar hot water.  Matt Carlson of Sunnovations will go over the technology of hot water, and then two contractors, Solar Energy Services and Clean Currents will discuss their own capacities and discounts which will be available to co-op members.  This meeting is available to the public without a pre-registration is needed. 

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Prepared to Go Solar?

Prepared to Go Solar?

Been considering it for Some Time? Know someone who ought to do it?
The prices are extremely low!
This might be the final year of a grant of this DC Government
Neighbors are getting together buying in bulk!
We are helping each other throughout the procedure. Selecting a professional and helping each other create each decision along the way. Speak to folks who’ve been through the process . Make an impact! Do something real! Become self sufficient!

That is simple….

Go through the process today, you’ll never repent it. There is nothing like this Pepco invoice after moving solar!


Upcoming Meetings

May: Ward 4 Meeting (Petworth)
Monday, May 20th
7:30 to 8:30 PM
Petworth Library (Large Meeting Room)
4200 Kansas Ave NW, Washington, DC 20011.

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