Molly Scott Cato: ‘It’s the wealthy who are causing climate change’

Take aviation. “We’re getting a grip on this today. This was something where I was out of line with different folks. But in the previous year, people have ceased believing that I’m a crazy not flying everywhere. They begin by being admiring and then they start thinking’Oh God, I will have to begin doing that’. We’ve reached there, it’s really reassuring.”

The Green party MEP for Its Southwest on why social justice is key to making the transition to a economy
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Tackling climate change implies we have to Deal with the manner both wealth and power are dispersed
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Molly Scott Cato can barely contain herself. Having spent more than 30 years as an activist at the ecology and the sustainability movement, the Green MEP to the area feels the UK is beginning to appreciate the scale of this climate emergency. “People are suddenly waking up to it, which is very exciting for someone like me who has been banging on about that for years,” she states.

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Device could bring both solar power and clean water to millions

A device that could produce electricity while simultaneously purifying water was produced by investigators could solve two problems in 1 stroke.


Researchers say one Innovation could solve two problems for people Needing basic resources
The researchers say the device is not a supply of energy but also provides an alternative. These, they add, frequently consume large quantities of electricity and require infrastructure beyond the range of many communities that lack basic access to safe drinking water — a scenario intended to affect greater than 780 million people globally .

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Last Chance To Get a Solar Rebate in Washington DC?

In the last weekI had four distinct friends ask me what they needed to do to move solar.  I believed it was a fantastic time to send out an update on the DC Rebate Program as well as the economics of solar energy panels.  Here are the basics. Those that managed to get in on this app got a very sizable rebate at the beginning of the program, and those in the end received a good lien, but at about half of the amount initially offered.

  • DC has decided to continue with a rebate application in 2013 (which also includes solar thermal), but again, the lien figures are cut considerably.
  • Present drops in solar panel costs have marginally offset the drop in the DC lien amount.
  • The market for solar energy renewable energy credits (sRECS) stays powerful in DC, meaning that the blend of sRECs, the available 30% Federal tax credit along with the DC rebate continues to create solar a appealing investment. 
  • All indications seem to point to the gradual phase-out of rebates as weapon prices fall and solar panels comes much closer to grid parity (if solar production prices are equivalent to other non-renewable sources).
  • Even in the event you haven’t completely decided to go solar, you ought to place your name on the waiting list for your DC Rebate program.  In the event you decide not to proceed 11, You’re able to decrease.  When applying for the rebate, in case you still have not chosen a contractor, you can indicate on the program which you’re with the DC Solar United Neighborhood (DC SUN) elaborate.  See for more about going solar, finding a contractor and implementing for a DC Rebate.


  • Many homeowners are putting on programs Which Are in the Selection of 3-6kW.  Systems that were installed are seen under $4 per watt.
  • A really simplified price situation for a 4kW system goes as follows — $16,000 strategy cost – that would receive a $2,000 DC Rebate, a $4,800 Federal Tax credit, and much more than $4,200 at sRECs.  Considering subsidies and refunds, out of pocket expenses fall to $ 5,000.  Your electricity bill could be decreased by more than $600 each year.  Your break even point will be around 8 decades.  Locating a builder a little cheaper than $4%, and selling your sRECs on a quarterly basis (instead of a front lump sum) may shave that break even point down to about five decades.
  • Many business will offer leases if you aren’t able to pay for or fund your machine. 

More About the DC Rebate

Looking out the DC Rebate app, it was a bumpy road in terms of aspects of the app.  Solar advocates in DC had to keep fighting annually to ensure that funds that are committed weren’t raided for different purposes.  Nevertheless, in the long run, over 700 projects were financed by the DC Department of Environment (a little quantity of additional rebates, not included in the table below, were issued by the DC Sustainable Energy Utility). 

DC Renewable Energy Incentive Program 2009 -2012:
Fiscal Year Funded
System Type
# of Deadly
Capacity (MW)
Incentive Amount
It looks like 2013 may prove to be the Maximum year in regard to systems receiving rebates.  DC suggested that lien supplies would begin heading out in February 2013, therefore some folks on the waiting list might be getting approval letters.  Assuming there is no other funds available, today could be a fantastic time to get about the Waiting List.
Finally, if you stay in MD, then you could be able to find a country lien .  SREC costs in MD are considerably lower than in DC.  If you are in VA, solar incentives Are Extremely Bad , however you can request the Senate to Repair that with this request .  

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