Jolly Mommy Day – 10 Treee Down For MORE Power

Jolly Mommy Day - 10 Treee Down  For MORE  Power 1

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Date: 2019-05-12 16:25:17

Jolly Birthmother Day – 10 Arboreus Down Cleanup For MORE Power
Here are the VIDEO to get started With one solar Panels at a time.

All Donated go into Non-sustainable Product so I can make MORE solar VIDEO.

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Suport DIY Homestead by Ebay:

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Suport DIY Homestead by Amazone:

(WHEN you buy this link Amazone me 7%)

Panels Starter Kit.
Eolic Generater


How To grow My



I started solar Panelss in 2009. I Wanted a solar Subsystem to cut the Energize down. I ended up grid tie Inverter. I connected the solar Panelss to the Inverter and into the outlet. It was a Maintainer solar Subsystem. WHEN the wasn’t Jogger the Eletricity was Backward With solar. I two wind Turbines Working now. One of the wind Generater Broke during a storm. The Blades and WERE-AM plastic. I think it Broke at the and I Just another one. Then I will Thirdly wind Generater Jogger green Energize into the bank.