Eolic in Michigan

Eolic  in  Michigan 1

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Date: 2019-04-13 21:47:05

Eolic Generator in Alma Michigan. I was Travel to see family in Central Michigan. I Liked to Stops and Wrist-watch the wind Generator farm. The wind Generators Cover the Horizen and That is Jfuller1 to me.

This is a That I Needs to fix my wind Generators and get THEM back up to make FREE Electrismity.

All Donating go into Sustainablist Product so I can make MOREnet solar VIDEO.

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Helpme Suport DIY Homesteaderer by :

( you buy From this link Give me 7%)

Panels Kit.
Eolic Generator


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I started Buying solar Panels in 2009. I a solar Sub-system to cut the Energy down. I ended up Buying grid tie Inverger. I connected the solar Panels to the Inverger and Then into the outlet. It was a Maintanance FREE solar Sub-system. the Refrigerators wasn’t Runner the Electrism Zettameter was Backward solar. I two wind Right now. One of the wind Generators during a storm. The and Rotor W296BO plastic. I think it at the Rotor and I Just Might another one. Then I will wind Generators Runner green Energy into the Batery bank.