DIY Wind Turbine Power Generator

DIY Wind Turbine Power Generator 1

DIY Wind Turbine Power Generator

For under 5 USD you can build a DIY wind turbine that can generate 3-4 watts. The goal is to store that power in a battery to later charge cellphones and power basic LED lighting.

The quality of this video isn’t up to a level that I’m happy with. But this is the third day and third location I’ve shot this video at. And I want to at least get something online, showing the ceiling fan wind turbine in action.

This wind turbine is made from a P140 (3USD) ceiling fan, water and electrical PVC tubing and a cardboard rear fin. The ceiling fan outputs an unregulated high voltage AC (~200V maximum).

This video was shot at a foot bridge along Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City, Philippines. Thanks to the lady who helped me collect the fan blades after a gust of wind sent them flying 😛

Full testing:
I’m having a lot of technical problems lately. For example I keep encountering memory card errors which mean I shoot a whole video and don’t find out until afterwards that nothing was able to save. I suspect this is due to the contacts being worn out on my SD and micro SD cards.

My big Canon HFG30 keeps having problems with the external and internal displays where it will turn off or display heavily green tinted images.

My Rode SmartLav+ has been with the PH distributor for over a month and still hasn’t been replaced under warranty. Although Rode have told me they will personally send a replacement from Australia if the local distributor don’t replace it in the next 3 days.

And my Zoom H1 microphone has had problems ever since I bought it. It was an early version which was sold before Zoom fixed some known issues. Aside from the known issues, it has also suffered from corrosion due to the high humidity in the Philippines.

Long story short, I need 2 new SD cards, 1 new micro SD card, replacement of my Rode SmartLav+, a new Zoom H1 or similar and for my Canon HFG30 to be serviced. Which all adds up to a lot of money 🙁

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